photo love…

Original Photo by Wade Yoshi

Original Photo by Wade Yoshi

Color Corrected photo by Al Q

Color Corrected photo by Al Q

Taking the time to save that great shot is well worth the effort when you have the right tools of the trade. I like to straight horizon lines and bring back as much information in a digital shot as I can get away with, without sacrificing the original intent of the photographer. In other words try not to push it too much or it looks fake. For me saving these memories are just as cool as landing these great fish. This before and after is just an example of what I like to achieve. I like to do this for all my fishing friends whenever I get photos like the one above… My program of preference for post production is adobe lightroom, it is pretty easy to use, there are lots of tutorials on you tube as well… enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “photo love…

  1. Mike Ward

    Hey Q, Great job on that photo…what a difference. Wardo

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Justin McGruder

    I remember the class you did, I was ther and I was blown away as I am here. Great job Q


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