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Click here for info on the CA Sportfishing League!

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3 thoughts on “protect what you love…

  1. warren s. fox

    I wonder if the League is really only interested in lining their business pockets and no real concern for conservation and/or the long range future of fishing and the environment, The League provides conclusions but provides no basis for them. There are numerous studies supporting the view of the necessity to eliminate lead and cooper from both the fresh and salt waters. Our waters are being dangerously polluted; the source of the problem has not be fully ascertained. In many bays fish and seafood are dangerous to eat, and our fresh waters are contaminated. Restrictions are also being considered for the type of bottom paint used on boats, and other surfaces, it is not just fishing gear. As to fishing licenses, they might be some what expensive, but without them, would fish hatchers exist and would there be fish and game wardens to cite the poachers.

    These are not simple problems with simple solutions as the League suggests. I would not give them a dime! There are other protection organizations that are far more objective and do not have a conflict of interest as does the League.

  2. ondafly

    Hey Warren, I am glad someone is reading this stuff, I just like to put stuff out there so you can make up your own minds on certain issues, I personally do not support this organization, but it is good to see what they are up to…

  3. Jim Solomon

    I agree about license fees. The pressure that California endures needs to be regulated and the Fish and Game is the only game in town and it is grossly underfunded and manned.

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