nice night time calico bass landed by Glenn Ueda. photo by Glen Ueda.

nice night time calico bass landed by Glenn Ueda. photo by Glen Ueda.

This was a post my buddy Glenn wrote (below) and he pretty much summed it up…  i will add Glen is a class act, a great fishing partner and fly fisherman.  Watching him sub do this beast in hostile conditions (rocks, kelp) was a thing of beauty! it was good times and their was no luck involved, experience always pays off. I was glad I was there to share this great moment with him…

“Under a rising moon, cutting through a persistent yet manageable wind chop, it wasn’t long before we were speed drifting our beloved wall, peppering casts between kelp lanes, with Al’s “Thin Lizzie” doing damage early. Then it slowed with intermittent flurries, to break up long periods of laughter and storytelling, as the bass geared up for their nightly assault. Drifting further east under calming conditions and with the Bee Gee’s “Night Fever” thumping from the Queen Mary, things switched ON. Shouts of, “BIT ON THE SINK!” and “THERE’S A DOUBLE” covered the Edgewater for the next ninety minutes. It was good, REAL GOOD. Eventually satiated and with reddened bass thumbs and big fat grins on full display, we blasted home at 5,000 rpms under the orangey glow of the harbor lights. Thank Al for a fun-filled evening of calico bass on the fly.”


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2 thoughts on “awesomeness…

  1. Jim Solomon

    What a Toad! The Calico Night Owls!

  2. Jerry Pierce


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