this one is especially sweet…

a nice sight-cast bean by Peter Koga. photo by Zino Nagasuji

a nice sight-cast bean by Peter Koga. photo by Zino Nagasuji

Well, this morning I got an email from our good friend Zino and this photo popped up on my screen. All I could do is smile. Our good friend Peter Koga (who is a fly fishing machine) has recently experienced some bad luck with a few health issues, has been side-lined and cancelled many fly fishing trips over the last four months. He has been a real trooper though, staying positive and walking the beaches sighting corbina for all of us. I know it was killing him not being able to throw flies at them. We all all pulling for him to get well soon, so he can do what he loves best, fly fish. Well as you can see, Peter had a fly rod in his hand this morning and got a beauty off the beach on a grey merkin. I hope this is the beginning of many more days on the water pal, great job Peter! That corbina represents the power of positive thinking…you have inspired all of us!

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3 thoughts on “this one is especially sweet…

  1. Jim solomon

    Peter’s feat represents the power of eternal hope we anglers posess and its healing powers. Not only a smile but tears to my eyes. Love you Mr. Koga

  2. PK

    Thanks for the kind words Al. Getting that first sight cast bean was a
    definite thrill. Thanks to all for the support and encouragement over the past few months. Looking forward to many more sunny cloudless days with a morning incoming tide!

  3. Jan

    Peter, so very glad to see you are up and about doing what you love most, fishing! Be well, my friend.

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