this email says it all…

photo by Don Bell

photo by Don Bell

Hi all
Nine years later, to the month, I finally got my corbina!!  :-)))   at 8:15 after low tide this morning on local beach with self tied pink Surfin Merkin with my two handed 5wt switch rod and self tied T-8 27’ head.
Little did I know that following my retirement and decision to try surf fishing, I was starting a Quest.  That first June 2005 morning as I stood in the surf with a trout outfit, I was seeing big fish around my feet.  But with a floating line, no stripping basket, and a wooly worm fly I was quickly tangled in kelp and the fish just kept swimming around me.   Those will be easy to catch as I deluded myself!  (Note – it was in almost exactly the same place – within feet –  I got my fish today – amazing)  I should have realized then that bad things were to come as I got back to the car and discovered I had flipped the parking receipt upside down and I did catch a $58 parking ticket.

The Quest short story has some positives and negatives:
I want to thank many for their help including the gang at South Bay Flyfishers, Al Q, Bob Middo, Rajeff Sports, and my family for putting up with my craziness over a fish.
Two trigger finger hand surgeries, three wrist cortisone shots, months of therapy, more wrong gear than I can calculate $$, bad casting mechanics, a long learning curve and bouts of frustration.

What a thrill my tight line was this morning!!

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One thought on “this email says it all…

  1. warren fox

    Hey, Don- nicely stated. Gives all a good laugh because of similar experiences.

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