ep sand flea…

photos by Al Q

photos by Al Q

here’s a fun little sand crab I have been playing around with lately that I am calling the ep sand flea. i am tying it on the gamakatsu #4 SL 11, with a larvae weight under the shank of the hook. I cover the entire larvae weight with orange thread then coat with tuffleye for durability. the fly turns over and rides hook up, the weight allows the fly to ride like a boat keel and rock from side to side giving the fly an erratic crabby movement. you can make them big or small and they are easy and fast to tie… corbina beware….

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8 thoughts on “ep sand flea…

  1. Jim Solomon

    Very, very nice. I hope this will guarantee me a landed corbina or else I will jump!

  2. warren fox

    very creative. thanks, al

  3. I´m beggining to fish corbinas down here. This flie is awesome. I couldn´t figure how the EP is tied at the hook. Is there any video or tip you could suggest me? Kind regards. Caio

    • ondafly

      If you google surfin merkin, there is a video on Vimeo by the creator, my friend Paul Cronin, watch it and you will be able to tie them, they are pretty easy once you see how it’s done! Good luck!

  4. surf rob

    very nice pattern!

  5. surf rob

    what is the “bump” on top of the shaft in the first pic?

    • ondafly

      that is a larvae weight from Hareline Dubbing, I used to use them but like using dazl or bead chain eyes much better! The latest version of the Holy Moley fly (recipe in thread) and the Surfin Merkin are two of the best choices for corbina…

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