wordless wednesday…

photo by Al Q

photo by Al Q

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5 thoughts on “wordless wednesday…

  1. PK

    Those are the easy ones. Hope we see a bunch of them.

  2. warren fox

    wonderful photo- the colors, texture, peaceful. Just great!

  3. Jerry Pierce

    Great photo. I’ve seen that a lot of times out on the water and it still gives me a trill even to see a photo. Like a permit or bonefish tail or a tarpon tail. Always better live but the photos are great too. A bit more uncommon but also great is a swordfish sunning.


  4. ondafly

    I have seen a sailfish sunning once in Mexico, it was all lit up and the colors were spectacular. A swordfish would be a thrill Jerry!

  5. Cary Asper


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