water proof your iPhone…

Iphone super suit from photojojo!

Iphone super suit from photojojo!

I am all about water-proof, since i spend a lot of time as a fly fisherman on or near water. Photojojo always has cool stuff for cameras and photo geeks like me. Here’s a cool way to take those underwater fish pics on the beach, flat or in a river. Check out the video and online info from our friends at Photojojo. I haven’t personally tried these two products but I have purchased other stuff from them and I was happy with their service and products. I am thinking seriously about this case…  Click here!

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 11.09.27 AM

They also just came out with a small water-proof camera duffle for your SLRs! Click here!

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4 thoughts on “water proof your iPhone…

  1. warren fox

    My cell phone is so very old that it has a rotary dial.

  2. Ken Kanine

    Great information! Unfortunately a week too late! My Iphone was tucked neatly inside my waders,nice and safe, no problem!?… Never turn your back on the surf !! I will order one of these cases when I get the phone replaced. Thanks for the tip.

    • ondafly

      Ken, sorry to hear about your iPhone, hope this will solve future wave encounters!

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