new belly basket by sea level…


It’s just around the corner! I had the privilege of working with my pal, Ray Hutcherson of Sea Level Flyfishing and providing some input into the R&D of this new stripping basket called the “Belly Basket”. I also consulted with my saltwater surf guru and fly fishing bud, Bob Popovics. I haven’t gotten my hands on the new prototype yet, but Ray just put in the mail and hopefully I will have it for the Double Haul Ball next Saturday to show off. I really think this basket will be a winner. Its light, sturdy, and deeper than most baskets on the market. It will fair better in windy conditions, a real concern I have had with all the baskets I have used to date. These baskets should arrive in mid April and will retail for around $85. I think the original order shipping is around 100 baskets so I seriously give Ray a call because i think they be very popular once they hit the states.


some early notations on the original pro type that I made…photos by Al Q


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3 thoughts on “new belly basket by sea level…

  1. Seems to be a little pricy. I go back to the good old day when we strapped a plastic trash can to our waists. Otherwise it looks like a great item.

    • ondafly

      I agree with you Joe, there is no perfect solution in any thing we purchase, it is a little expensive, but it seems to have the depth right, it’s lightweight, travels well and is well made. If you use it often, you have to take all these variables into consideration and if you do the two modifications I illustrated it works really well… my two cents. ps, i still have my homemade dishwashing bucket too. 🙂

      • Al,
        My stripping basket is a hard plastic. I don’t know how many times I’ve hit my hand on it while stripping line or doing a strip-set. Damn that hurts. Eliminating that problem would be a distinct advantage of and reason to consider the Belly Basket.

        PS. I haven’t seen you in a long time. Hope all is well.

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