new bonefish research…

courtesy of you tube

courtesy of you tube

This is all courtesy of You Tube:

During a recent expedition to The Bahamas, Dr. Andy Danylchuk (UMass Amherst), Dr. Aaron Adams (Bonefish & Tarpon Trust/Florida Institute of Technology), Dr. Jon Shenker (Florida Institute of Technology), and Zack Jud (Florida International University) reconfirmed that bonefish form massive spawning aggregations at very specific locations during specific lunar days. Using manual tracking and depth sensors, they also documented that bonefish use depths of greater than 160 feet (50 m) when spawning, after which they return quickly to shallow water. Collectively, this work will help identify sites throughout The Bahamas and elsewhere in Florida and the Caribbean where bonefish spawn and that need protection from habitat disturbance and overfishing. Stay tuned for more epic footage!

Check out this awesome video!


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4 thoughts on “new bonefish research…

  1. Steve P

    Interesting. At Christmas Island, big spawning episodes of bones occur near Paris – I was not able to witness it. Steve P.

  2. randy

    So that begs the question where do the Bonefish in San Diego Bay spawn? In the channel? It’s only 60 feet deep at the deepest. It does seem like there are enough of them to assemble and aggravation of the size in the video to move offshore with some safety. Interesting I think I’ll do some research this Thursday in the back bay after the water has warmed.

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