the pulse disc?

the various sizes of pulse discs from

the various sizes of pulse discs from

Well there seems to be a renaissance of new and interesting innovations happening in fly tying these days. check out these new pulse discs that you can attach to the front of any fly pattern to make your fly wiggle and dance. My buddy, Bob Popovics used to do this with his PopLips fly pattern using wool and silicone. He would pull the wool in front of the fly and coat it with silicone between his fingers, when it dried he would shape a soft lip that allowed the fly to swim like a fish. Pretty cool stuff. Poplip flies were designed by a real person and could be adapted, shaped, and required skill, therefore was in my opinion a crafted fly. They were snowflakes, everyone different, but that was what made them beautiful! Just like Joe Blados’s crease fly took a new material (craft foam) and artistically shaped it into a top water baitfish that pushed water and evokes serious strikes. They were innovative flies. Putting lips on flies is not a new concept, these pulse discs are a neat idea, but they are PERFECT! I don’t know if I am into them or not. I haven’t tried them but I will say they do look great in the water and at night will be a killer. They take the craftsman out of the fly and make everyone look good, even if your flies look like crap. Whether you are a purist or just sub come to the latest trend of making all flies look and behave like spin, jig and soft plastic baits, does it really matter? I don’t think so as long as you create it on a vise? As long as no one pokes an eye out, I am cool with all innovation. I think this borders the line of what we consider traditional fly fishing but it still works. Just like a buck tail jig on the end of a flyline, it WILL catch fish. I will stick with my bucktail, feathers, and synthetics and continue to keep it real and simple like fly fishing was intend to be. I signed up for the hardest way to fish when I picked up the long rod and I actually like it that way. It took many years for me to feel comfortable catching fish in saltwater with a fly but that’s why I like it, it wasn’t easy. I still love to fish with conventional and spinning gear. They can be weapons of mass destruction and they work effectively because you can throw all sorts of heavy stuff that swims, dives, floats and wiggles, live or dead. Just another way to do it. LOL  Click here for more info!    Watch video!   I am open to yours thoughts… please chime in.

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2 thoughts on “the pulse disc?

  1. Timm Tews

    I think you can make these out of backing buttons (fabric stores) and bend them with a heat gun. They might come with four holes instead of two, but who cares.

    Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 23:59:29 +0000 To:

  2. give it a shot Timm and let me know if it works?

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