©2013 Photography by Tom Lynch

©2013 Photography by Tom Lynch

My buddy, Bob Popovics just sent me a great photo that was taken in Seaside by Tom Lynch aka Angryfish. I LOVE THIS SHOT and I think Tom has captured Bob in perfect light and in perfect form. This picture is timeless and that is what makes a great photo, you can keep looking at it over and over. Most people only know Bob for his innovative fly patterns but let me tell ya first hand,  Bobby can throw a big fly into wind as good as anyone I have ever seen. Nice backcast dude! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “perfection…

  1. Jim Solomon

    Bob Popovics knows how to stop the rod correctly. Notice the relationship of the rod tip to the bottom leg of the loop! The key to casting is the Stop, and Popovics really understands this! Great shot! And it is a backhand cast! Hey learning to backhand a cast is a great way to really see where your hand stops. Jim

  2. dglanzman1512

    I think it was actually taken in Seaside Park, NJ. Popovic is a Joisy boy and he apparently has a fly-tying center in Seaside Park.

    Regarding Hot Creek, check out this article on fly fishing in Hot Creek in the winter that was published 4 years ago in the NYT:

    It looks spectacularly beautiful, but you will note that the author didn’t catch much. 🙂

    And despite all the BS written about fly fishing, the goal is to catch fish. I know a good guide in that area, Patrick Jaeger. (He’s the guy I bought those wooden wading staffs from.) As soon as we have a confirmed reservation in Mammoth, I’ll call him and reserve a day on the river with him. He will know where the fish are biting. We don’t have to fish Hot Creek; there are plenty of other rivers in that area to try, particularly the Owens.



  3. The pic was taken in Seaside Park near Bob’s home where the Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders club is. He also has a great restaurant called the Shady Rest in Bayville, New Jersey, a must stop if you are in the area!

  4. Timm Tews

    Great photo and backcast indeed! Reminds me of fishing the cove at the end of Channel Islands Harbor for beans with Doug Martin. Mmmm…good memories.

    That reminds me, my brother Todd sent me photos from a trip for Steelhead in BC. He got back last weekend. I will forward his photos. Crickey.

    Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 18:46:41 +0000 To:

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