versa-clamp for your fly tying vise

multi-adaptable vise clamp that allows you to attach your fly tyng vise to any table! photos by Al Q

A multi-adaptable vise clamp called the Versa-Clamp that allows you to attach your fly tyng vise to any table! photos by Al Q

When we were in Las Vegas a few weeks ago tying for Tuffleye at ICast I got to meet to David Wolff president of Wolff Indiana Products. David’s family business specializes in making scissors and has entered the fly tying arena with some neat fly tying vises. He had this wonderfully designed prototype vise clamp, called the Versa-Clamp that he showed us at the show. It blew my mind how simple, easy adaptable and well thought out this clamp was. It really is a game changer for those of us traveling and tying. You always had to bring a heavy base to make sure you could set up your vise. Now you can set your vise on any table thickness by adjusting the jaws that interlock into the vise block. This is very cool! I don’t know when these are going into production but my good friends at Tuffleye, Ashley and her dad Ned managed to get me one and send it to me. I love this as much as my Yeti Cooler, grin! As soon as I find out more about this product I will post it here! Check out Wolff Indiana Fly Fishing products!


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