salty sweet memories…

photo by Jerry Pierce.

photo by Jerry Pierce.

Here is an old shot of a good fly fishing buddy of mine,  Jerry Pierce with a fine Costa Rican sailfish teased up on the fly. Check out the fenwick rod and seamaster reel, that’s old school folks. Jerry has been doing this a while. This old photo has inspired me to post some of YOUR photos  (closet blog followers, you know who you are! grin) with a little caption about your catch. So if you have a fun pic you would like to share, please send it to me at with a brief description and I will be happy to post it here for everyone to enjoy. I will also color correct it and send it back to you if you wish? I will be posting these randomly… tight lines.

Here are some of Jerry’s notes about this fish:

Hi Al,

Saw your blog today.  This is the only photo I have left of a fly caught sailfish.  West coast of Costa Rica a long time ago.  Went with Bill Barnes who owned Casa Mar.  Great fun but too easy.  We trolled up the fish with teasers.  They came up in groups, all lit up, and ate the fly right behind the boat.  Used fifteen and twelve pound test leaders with legal shot tippets.  I made the crew cut the motor.  They didn’t think that I could land them without following them but I did.  Nick was good enough to give me some flies that looked like half a chicken tied on a couple of tandem hooks but they worked.  I think the fish would have eaten a banana peel.  They run a long way and jump a lot but poop out after a while.  Good to have memories.


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