a morning drive by….

a lone corbina slides back to the safety of deeper water. photo by Al Q

a lone corbina slides back to the safety of deeper water. photo by Al Q

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7 thoughts on “a morning drive by….

  1. Al, nice meeting you today! Your help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Same here Glenn, good to finally put a face to your name. Saw another fly guy as I was leaving the parking lot this morning. Hope you guys were able to connect…

  3. thedevilsbro

    Q, You know, “morning drive by” usually has a different connotation living in SoCal…Cool B+W image

  4. Ryan

    Just got back from an afternoon beach walk in Venice, where I spotted 15-20 ghosting along up and down the shallow, crystal-clear flats in the middle of a bright sunny day — this with at least a dozen splashing kids every 50 yards. I thought they were far spookier. At one point I found 4 grouped together in a little trough, hanging out. Most seemed in 14-18 inch range. Tomorrow morn I’ll give it a first-timer’s go, but I’m guessing my 9-weight with super-sink tip might be way too much. Thanks for the great site and inspiration.

    • Ryan:
      if you have to use that nine weight, try using a little longer leader so you don’t spook them. sometimes just casting so your leader and fly land in the water and your line stays on the sand can be the ticket. if you have to make long casts, make your cast on the receding wave and leave your fly there until the next push slides in with the beans. good luck!

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