mr. toads wild ride…

image courtesy of fly fishing in saltwaters

image courtesy of fly fishing in saltwaters

Here is the recent article I wrote about Gary Meriman’s infamous Toad, which has become one of the most deadliest tarpon flies that has ever swam the turquoise waters of the Florida keys. Hope you enjoy…

Toad Article to download pdf.

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5 thoughts on “mr. toads wild ride…

  1. dglanzman1512


    I hate to kill a catchy title (very nice alliteration and onomatopoeia), but toads are amphibians.

    • ondafly

      you are correct toads are amphibians, the toads referred to in this article are toadfish which fall prey to large bonefish and where the original “Toad Fly” got it’s

      • David Glanzman

        OK, but now I’m really confused—where are the reptiles? 🙂

  2. Nice read, Q. In the last few years I’ve become a recent addict to these Keys fish. You get down there each season? Key West?

  3. ondafly

    i get down there wherever I can! I was in Big Pine for a week last June…

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