yellow fever…

there are a few chunky yellow fin croaker still eating flies in the early am. photo by Al Q

there are a few chunky yellow fin croaker still eating flies in the early am. photo by Al Q

got out for a few hours on saturday morning, i fished up in santa monica. tide was falling, surf was a little off color.
there was a strong current as well. glad I had my t-11 shooting head. i was looking for a spring halibut, i was throwing larger olive and white bend backs but received no love, so I switched up to fish a few smaller perch patterns and immediately got slammed by a few nice yellowfin croaker. later i met another fly angler and he asked me what flies are preferred  to catch these croaker. in my experience any fly that represents bait. these fish usually school and push bait close to shore in the early am, i usually catch them in low light, once the lights come on they move to deeper water. chartreuse/white, olive over white, red and brown/orange flies tied a little longer  clouser-style with flash on #4s will usually get the job done.


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5 thoughts on “yellow fever…

  1. jim solomon

    I love those yellow fin brats. They fight so hard. Nice chunky Croaker Big Al. Jim

    • Bill Brady

      Nice croaker, Al. I thought that was you down the beach Saturday and B said you had just left when I finally wandered down.

      • ondafly

        hey bill:
        wish I would have met up with ya, bernard gave me the report after i left and said you dropped a nice flatty in close. i had the
        same deal a few weeks ago in torrance, hate when that happens, (grin)

    • ondafly

      they refuse to lose jim! wish they were always around or like the day we had a few years back at dock when we were doubled up for a half an hour!


    nice fatty

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