pocket water?



super large arbor reel, 20 weight, 0ne piece, 6 foot fly rod with fighting butt, straight 200# tippet, 40/0 seal fly, cast less than thirty feet, presentation irrelevant! probably do not have to reach the water for a take. oh, and good boots with metal spikes!  this would not be catch and release, it would be catch and run for your life. (grin)


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4 thoughts on “pocket water?

  1. bonefish27@aol.com

    Is he frozen in there or just holding his breath.

  2. Jerry Pierce

    Great photo. Sorry I’m late noticing. How did “One Surf Fly” go? I expect you will send out something soon. Look forward to it. I hope the fishing is good. Let me know when the tides are right. I keep thinking that I will come down and watch sone time.


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