spring beans are in the surf…

spring bean_WEB

A healthy spring corbina landed by southbay’s Michael Grosvenor on a red rat fly.
These fish are starting to stage in our local troughs, a good sign as the water begins to warm up. Photo by Michael Grosvenor

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5 thoughts on “spring beans are in the surf…

  1. Jim Solomon

    Hopefully a productive corbina season. Jim

  2. let’s hope, Jim, the last two seasons were pretty weird…maybe the beginning of an up cycle?

  3. kurt vigil

    Hi Al,
    Have you ever fished for Gulf Whiting. Looks like and acts like our Corbina. It seems that on the east coast there are several sub species of Menticirrhus. I thought you might have had some opportunities?

  4. the only fish that I have caught that seems similar is the kingfish on the east coast.

  5. kurt vigil

    I believe they are called by both names Gulf Whiting and Gulf Kingfish.

    Thanks Al.

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