swimming through the bait ball…

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 10.30.56 AM

check out this epic youtube footage from the FinAddix crew of a tuna blitz while filming out of the Tropic Star

Lodge in Panama, JJ Slater of Slater Productions films the underwater footage… click here!

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4 thoughts on “swimming through the bait ball…

  1. Randy

    Fly selection not an issue in a blitz like that. You could drag an old shoe and it would get bit.

    • ondafly

      i totally agree Randy, it was pretty neat to see it going off from below…

  2. Jerry Pierce

    And I would be the only guy who couldn’t get hooked up. I have seen the tuna feed like that and it’s pretty fantastic. It’s also really easy to get bit. I think it’s about time to arrange a lunch. I’ll call Doug and John. How are you, Janet and Quinn? Talk to you soon.


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