the worm float…

using some craft foam as the end of a tail will can make your worm flies come alive, and float under water. i like to use goop for adhesive. cut a triangle shape, slice the foam with a single edge razor or heat up a bodkin and burn a hole through the foam. for the latter you need to use thin wire to pull the chenille through after coating it liberally with goop. once it sets, then trim the tail to a desired shape. using a weed guard will help with fouling, but the bomb-proof method is you can use heavy mono off the bend of the hook about a half inch past the bend, (burn a ball at the end of the mono before wrapping the chenille)¬†continue to wrap your chenille like the front of the fly, whip finish, allowing the remaining chenille to swing free solve any fouling issues… ¬†photos and flies by Al Q

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6 thoughts on “the worm float…

  1. Awesome fly! Do you mind telling what the chenille is you use for the worm body. Been working on some tough redfish and worm flies are the ticket.

    • ondafly

      Greg, any chenille that is finely packed will work,
      It seems to hold its shape and transition into the tail
      section. I don’t like to use the crystal or cactus chenilles
      for my worm flies.

  2. Mark Hagopian

    This would work really well for our estuary Cinder Worm “hatches” in RI. Why slice the foam? What thickness foam do you use, ie., 1mm, 2mm…? Why not just glue two pieces together. Thanks.

    • ondafly

      experiment and swim them, come up with fun ways to fish this fly…

  3. I like it very snazzy what type of material do you use foreman length of the body I live in perth western australia this fly would be a killer on our king George waiting where are you situated in the U.S yours sincerely Brian

    • ondafly

      i use this fuzzy chenille that is quite dense. don’t know the name, best to experiment with what you can find, have fun!

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