from steelhead to corbina

Teresa’s first corbina on the fly. Way to go!!!

Last year I got a call from a steelhead guide from Oregon named Teresa. She was visiting her mom down here in Los Angeles and was mutual friends with some of my old time
Southbay Flyfishing club fishing friend’s, Joe & Jan. Teresa is a real fishy woman, she picked my brain on our local surf and killed it up in Santa Monica last year. I think she even landed a leopard shark.
Well a month or so ago, she emailed and said she wanted to get that elusive corbina tick off her list. She told me when she was coming, the tides were not perfect for sight fishing but I knew there were fish around. I sent her to a spot where we did well the week before.  My local sources were still nailing fish, blindcasting (my friend Steve got three this Saturday on a brown sand crab pattern). Teresa had two days to complete her task. The first morning the stars aligned. Here is her email note to me, i love when a plan comes together.

“I’d say this is a very challenging fishery.  I had two days to fish it and wish i had three to dial it in even better.
When I actually thought out what a crab pattern tumbling in the surf might look like, on day two, my hook-ups increased dramatically.  I blind cast all of the first day, which is the day i caught and landed my first bean.  The second day is when I finally saw the fish, watched their behavior and deciphered what a strip might look like to imitate the tumbling of a crab pulled out of the sand by the surf.  That changed the game and I started feeling takes and misses, two more hook-ups and one good battle which I lost to the fish and a small halibut, again fair hooked to hand.  Day three, I coulda moidered them!  Thanks for all the help Al.  Without you, i wouldn’t have even known where to begin.
tight lines ,

teresa caught her fish on a del brown tan merkin ( the original permit pattern)

PS: this week from wednesday through Saturday are prime sight fishing opportunities, if the wind and surf stay down and we get some sunshine it could be great. this tide cycle usually is the last
good shot at getting a bean to eat a fly by sight casting in our area. after this they can be caught but are harder and less interested in the fly, but anything is possible. 🙂


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