victory at sea…

I am exaggerating when I say this,the video below reminded me of the first time I ever went on a party boat fishing. It was March in New York and I was itching to go fishing, so I decided to rally up the boys for a nice fishing trip out of Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn. We were all around twelve or thirteen at the time and Sheepshead Bay was a ten minute bus ride from the neighborhood. It was blackfish, ling and whiting season. I grabbed the Daily News, which listed all the party boats in the bay. Back then, there was a page full of party boats to choose from. Of course, I chose Captain Sparky’s Atomic, a round hulled boat that rolled like a cork. The bay was calm and beautiful but once we passed the jetty and we were in open water, the Atomic started to rock n roll. We immediately watched a wave clear the deck and wash a bushel of clams clear overboard. This was going to be an adventure. We were all sitting in a line on the wooden bench that ran the length of the boat bundled up in our winter parkas. The first to fall was Frankie. He was sitting in the first position and started turning green. We asked him if he was ok. He lifted his head, looked at us and projectile barfed, which the wind conveniently blew down the line. Hence the seasickness succumbed all of us as we retreated into the cabin. Lying on the floor of the cabin like logs of wood, we looked up through the window, only to see  sky, water, sky then water. I truly thought I was going to die. Like a bad movie, I remember an old black fisherman laughing out loud, drinking bourbon out of his flask and singing, “Ain’t no women like the one I got”. Captain Sparky eventually felt pity and turned the Atomic around when he realized there were only two people able to stay on the rail and fish. It was the first and only time I ever got that sea sick, but I will never forget it. This footage of the Bering Sea is awesome and reminded me of that winter day on the Atlantic! It was obviously not as bad, but as a kid you always remember it to be! Hope you enjoy this footage and turn up the volume!

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