sculpin attack!

sculpin fly at the ready. 2012 © photo by Al Q


Winter Calicos tend to stay deep due to the cold water temps. They don’t like to move far from their comfort zones either, so putting the fly the right depth in the right zone can make the difference in a good day or a slow day. The takes are very slow. A tick, tick, maybe a small bump is all you will get. The fish will often nose the fly before committing to the buffet. But when they do and you set up on them it is game on. Holding these fish off their ambush zones is the key to landing them. Give them an inch and you are done. All my larger fish never landed on the reel, they are all caught by clamping down on the cork grip holding the fly line tight and maintaining full pressure to control their attempt at getting back to their rock, pipe or buoy line.


a sculpin's revenge. 2012 © photo by Al Q

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