14 thoughts on “Wade4

  1. Steve Savluk

    Nice crab! Wouldn’t mind getting a few for my box.

  2. ondafly

    not tying these commercially Steve…I would rather fish or be with my family, LOL

  3. ondafly

    I will have to post my claw method, with a step by step…I am doing a flats fly tyiing class at Marriotts on December 15th, there are two spots open, I will demo these legs as a bonus…:) ask for Graham Day at Marriotts he set it up

    • Steve Savluk

      I/we live in Colorado now. But have 4 salt trips coming up next year. One, I hope will involve permit.

  4. ondafly

    Stay in touch and let me know where your going. If i can help ya out I will….

    • Steve Savluk

      Going to Xmas at the end of March, either a trip with Bulla in May or to my relatively secret Bahamian island, July tarpon in Homassasa and Anna Atoll with my wife in November. Probably have or will tye my Xmas flies and Bahamas…except the crab. No need with my guide in Florida and will figure out my Anna flies. Probably similar to Xmas, but smaller.

  5. ondafly

    You will need a good trigger fish fly for Xmas Island. Where and what time of the year were you planning to fish for permit, crabs vary depending where you go and what bottom you are over? Email me at alq@tornadocreative.com and we can discuss.

    • Steve

      Thanks Al. Not really interested in catching triggers, or for that matter bonefish. I will do a day in Honolulu for that and of course in the Bahamas. Regarding permit, I have a pretty good idea of the flies I will fish in the Bahamas. A few years back I picked up 3 fishing rays in the Jolters with an Avalon. Obviously, that worked with cruising fish. I’ll have one rod with an Avalon and the other with the bottom/species specific crab. Thanks for you offer of advice. Still would like to figure out the legs on your crab. I’ve been seeing a lot more commercially tied one with those type of legs, but yours seemed to be better.

  6. ondafly

    If i get some free time over the holidays, I will do a step by step on the claws and post it for ya…cheers and happy holidays

    • Steve

      That would be great. If you have some interesting pics of Xmas GT flies that would be great! I’ve got several patterns I’ve tied and plan to tye, but always interested in seeing something new or different. If you have a separate email address I’ll send you a few pics of what I am tying and maybe you will have some others I should add to my box?

  7. ondafly

    email is above!

    • Steve

      Sorry, now I see. Wow! I just saw a pic of big Stan tying flies! Haven’t seen him since the days of Lords of the Flies! Great tier. I remember he tied a salmon fly for someone to give our recently deceased president as a gift.

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