2 thoughts on “AQ_blue_crab_float_WEB

  1. Serge Chenkerian

    Hi Al,

    Nice work on that crab. I’m curious about the hook placement. Living on the gulf coast for over 25 years I recall watching those crabs swimming sideways, but walking on sand bottoms in all directions. Would placing the hook on either the left or right pin of the shell improve casting or better mimic a swimming crab? I remember seeing other plastic baits with the hook on the sides, which is what has me thinking.

    • ondafly

      That may not be a bad idea, I may try that, I tied this one hook up because of weeds and debris, I didn’t want the fly to hang up, I want it to be weedless. that may affect the hooking ratio, but if something want to eat this, I am sure it will be big enough to swallow the whole crab. LOL

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